Jurjen van der Noord snelste Windsurfer op Nederlands water!

jurjen1Woensdag 22 februari heeft Jurjen van der Noord op "The Brace" de snelste Windsurf GPS sessie ooit op Nederlands water gevaren!

Met een gemiddelde (5x10sec) van 86,60 km/u en een 10sec run van 87,82 km/u verbrak hij ook zijn Persoonlijk Record. Dat deed hij ook al eerder dit jaar op West Kirby, dus we zijn benieuwd waar dat dit jaar voor hem gaat eindigen. Dat deze presentatie van wereldniveau is wordt ook bevestigd doordat hij met deze snelheden in de GPS Top5 ooit terecht komt!


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Speedsurfing can be seen as dragracing in motorsport or the Super G in skiing. When man (physical and mentally), material and technique are in perfect harmony, ultimate speeds can be achieved. Speedsurfing is becoming more and more an important discipline in windsurfing nowadays. Currently there are more than 5.000 active (online) GPS-speedsurfers, and this number is growing every day. GPS-technology helped the windsurfing sport a lot; many new (and old) riders can be seen on lakes and oceans wearing their GPS units. And mainstream media and television are getting interested in windsurfing again.




On the 22th of February some ten Dutch speedsurfers conquered the blistering cold and made the dreadful and long walk to the Brace, a sandbar approx. 1800 meter from shore that can only be reached by foot through the deep mud. One day before, the forecast already looked very promising, but everything seemed to be coming together once the guys arrived. A very low tide, strong wind and the perfect angle. Angelo Pecere joined the group to make some great photo's and movies for his project called "The Ghosts of Speed".




The Brace delivered amazing speeds this day. High ranked GPS-speedsurfer Jurjen van der Noord (31, Dutch) achieved a personal best and set the highest speeds yet sailed on Dutch waters and the 5th time ever sailed with GPS. "For me it was the first time with the new Severne Reflex III 5.6, straight out of the bag, without any tuning whatsoever. This sail rocks!! This year has a great start, couldn't be better!!" Jurjen also used a Starboard iSonic Speed Special W44 and a C3 Slingshot 21.




Note editor: Jurjen attained his previous personal record at Kirby, another great speed spot. This time around, Jurjen took it to another notch with a new personal record: check out his profile at gps-speedsurfing.com, a facebook for speed junkies ;-)


Foto's: Angelo Pecere



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